Far Cry 5 E3 2017 Impressions

I certainly wasn't expecting to play Far Cry 5 while at E3 2017 and it was only through the grace of Playstation's incredible mixer that I was able to do so. It wasn't a very long demo and it really didn't need to be as it was just a showcase to get an idea of what's changed. Like I confirmed with the developer, it's very much a typical Far Cry game but in a less exotic location. This time around we've ditched the beautiful tropics, ancient primal lands and have landed in Montana within the United States. We've got some insurgents to kill and that's about all I know of it thus far. I won't particularly follow the game too closely as I'm not sure I'll cover it, but here are my thoughts on the game from E3 2017.

The game looks really good, the visuals were impressive and I was told it was heavily optimized for Playstation 4 Pro/regular. That was displayed well with a long range of rendering, gorgeous clouds and a lovely little town section to shoot people in. We were given a brief chat by our comrade and thrown into the action. You actually get a choice of characters with the guy in front of me choosing the dog as his companion so I went with a regular AI comrade to help me. The followers as I like to call them provide firing (or barking) support and can be told where to fight. I didn't really need them as I mowed down the easy enemies, but they're a neat addition.

Far Cry 5 E3 2017 Impressions

While working to the town I got a wide range of weapons to slaughter these folk with and I slightly mixed it up. I mostly did some fast paced assault rifle shooting, threw some incendiary grenades and finished off the last few with an American flag bat. It was colorful and lots of fun to shoot down some folks under the open sun. Some of the enemies did get stuck in a car of which I had to force them out. It felt somewhat generic just shooting everyone, but the whole stage was mostly just for presentation of what one could expect from the full version.

That's all most of these demos are at E3 and it gave me an idea of Far Cry 5. For those that are fans you'll find it familiar and other shooter players will also probably enjoy playing this one. Visually it's quite impressive and shooting wise there are many gadgets to unleash. That's all I have to say for Far Cry 5, check out my pile of coverage for other E3 games below.

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