Being Negative Towards Backwards Compatibility is Ridiculous

It's rather odd that anyone could be negative towards the option of playing your old games, especially when that's provided as a free service like backwards compatibility.

All the publishers offer their old games in multiple ways whether that's with ports, remasters or re-packaging in a collection. They all do it with games and most people love it, I enjoy replaying old games so seeing them in the best version possible is appreciated. I don't always like how it's handled since the costs can be a bit high or they might tweak things.
Xbox backwards compatible
That being said, the option to see games again is better than them being forgotten. If games get left for too long they fall off the radar and bringing these older games back lets new players try them out.

I also have no idea how anyone could be negative towards backwards compatibility, especially like with Xbox offering it since there's no cost involved. You simply get to put your old game in the tray or download it digitally and play. The games also run better than they ever did with more features than before.

It's strange that this could receive any sort of complaint as it only benefits consumers. The publishers also seem to be getting easy revenue from the games coming back as it doesn't cost them anything to make them available.

I'm sure that some might only want to play new games, but if it's easy to make old ones available I don't see why having the option would be bad. It increases the library of your current console and makes these games come across as long term experiences as opposed to just be an in the now sort of thing.
Being Negative Towards Backwards Compatibility is Ridiculous
You also can't tell me that you've never wanted to go back to play a favorite or even one of the gems you might have missed. With backwards compatibility it's easy to just have access to it instead of finding old hardware somewhere or having to re-buy it somewhere else.

This is also something that people do use, it may not come across as something that everyone uses though I assume that's because they're busy playing new games. It still doesn't make the option of having easy access to these old titles as a waste of time. I see great value in companies that aim to protect your purchases for the long term.

There's also been an increase in sales for old games so there's definitely a large portion of gamers that want some of these old games to play. Whether that's for something they'll play all the time or to save for an open night.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 even cracked the top selling games because of its release doing better than its latest CoD entry and many other games. There's a lot of value in having backwards compatibility whether you have that as a selling feature for some gamers or just do it to support the past libraries. It's important to keep these old games updated and I love having platforms where my games are available for the long term.

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Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner