Lawbreakers E3 2017 Impressions

Lawbreakers was one of the many appointments I had during E3 this year and like the year previous I was excited to play it. I always enjoy shooters and found the game to be interesting the year prior. That being said, the main treat was getting to try the game on Playstation 4 since I'm primarily a console gamer. I was able to enjoy two full matches of an objective based mode where both teams were attempting to score a ball. It was fairly fast paced and exciting to play, I also was able to capture gameplay which was nice since few companies offer such easy means of capturing it.

The first match I focused on trying out the full roster of characters and then in the second I just played regularly with a couple favorites. There seems to be a good balance of characters present and enough choice that everyone should be able to find one that fits their play style. I also greatly appreciated the increased speed of the game as it felt very slow previously. There are now great options for quickly getting places and the flow of the map was fine.

While mentioning the flow I still would have liked a bit quicker access to higher points on the map. I felt like I would get left behind if someone reached a new area I couldn't get to. That might be me just getting used to faster mobility with other shooters though as they're all so jetpack and climbing focused now. The guns were exciting to use, the characters seemed to all have different attitudes and I noticed a ton of customization options. Between the matches I would look through lists of items for decorative skins though I'm unsure if those will be included within the game or extra microtransactions.

I would think the former with an unlock system as the game isn't free to play, but who knows. Lawbreakers worked well on Playstation 4 providing a fun game and I can see it being an exciting shooter for the platform. It was adapted well to the platform and had your typical shooter layout so it didn't take me any time to adjust. I'm looking forward to the full release and am eager to see the full package.

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Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner