Injustice 2 has Strong Variety in its DC Heroes Roster

Injustice 2 was great, I really enjoyed playing through it but I was most impressed with the wide range of DC Heroes that were present within the roster. In current times it's typically just Marvel heroes that get the spotlight in media so it's nice to see some different DC characters than just the main squad of the Justice League. You get your core squad of having Superman, Batman and Wonderwoman among the other big names yet so much more in this game.

There are lesser known ones that at least I didn't know before playing with Black Canary, Blue Beetle and Doctor Fate as some to highlight. They might sound rather odd, which some like Doctor Fate and Gorilla Grodd are. I actually got a good laugh hearing of Gorilla City (you can connect the Gorilla dots), it's just different seeing all of these characters I know little about in an epic clash. It's basically a well varied roster containing the biggest main name heroes, some of the secondary villains like Swamp Thing or the very recently hot Harley Quinn (really realistic character model here).

Injustice 2 has Strong Variety in its DC Heroes Roster

While I'm just naming a selection of the many characters, it paints a picture of strong balance between what's available. It's not just limited to instantly recognizable characters and opens up the playing field for others. What's further impressive is the care with these characters and the lore behind them. It would seem that great study and respect was spent for each of them (as far as you can in a Multiverse situation) really capturing the spirit for their rich history. I learned a lot of general information for each of the unique characters and enjoyed their interactions with the main cast. Everyone felt somewhat equal here as it's a fighting game so that's the main goal, but they also had abilities that were balanced well in combat.

The list also grows with the addition of alternate premier skins which tweak the story and the competitive play. Here we are joined by alternates or even stranger ones such as Grid, Reverse-Flash or Vixen which are probably mostly names you haven't heard of. These are unlocked through playing and help to further add diversity to the customizable armor. It's vast enough with its range of unique characters, but it also becomes that much crazier since you can equip armor or shaders. It's particularly wilder in the highest levels with all sorts of distinct heroes fighting one another. I was impressed with the variety within Injustice 2 through its regular roster and furthermore by the ways you can tweak them. Few fighting games boast such selection in who's available for combat and that's even more true for licensed ones.

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