Gears of War 4: Zombie Carmines & Braaains Dialogue Nerfed

Gears of War 4 is continuing to see strong support from The Coalition and with that, we've finally seen one of the biggest multiplayer issues addressed. That being the absolutely horrid zombie characters that scream "Braaains" over and over for the whole multiplayer match. The dialogue line will still be there, but only used for when headshots are performed which makes much more sense than having grumbling idiots running around. While the general dialogue is removed, each character will receive their traditional dialogue options which makes much more sense. These changes will come into effect during the June 2017 update.

This works particularly well for the group of new characters that are being introduced within the "The Zombie Carmine Gear Pack". Like with past packs you'll purchase these with in-game credits or real money to get a chance at unlocking characters/gear. The pack will cost 2000 credits/$4.99 USD and arrives on May 12, 2017. There will also be a "Zombie Carmine Mega Pack" available that offers a 10 card gear pack for better chances at getting the good stuff from the pack at $9.99 USD.

Gears of War 4: Zombie Carmines & Braaains Dialogue Nerfed

The pack contains the core dead Carmine group as zombies. This starts with the glorious Anthony (my favorite all-time character) with a horrible eye wound from that Locust sniper. It's continued with the plucky Ben Carmine that has been eaten alive from the front and the back. It's then topped off with good old Gary Carmine that got somewhat ran over defending his home. Also included within the pack are a full set of Zombie Carmine Weapons Skins and an Emblem for the set along with a small chance of finding the Locust Grenadier Elite (my favorite all-time Locust). This is a fantastic pack for me and I'm sure others will want to relive the good old Carmine days. Even if these friendly guys aren't for you, the tweak on Braaains should be welcomed.

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Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner