Playstation E3 2017: What to Expect

It's almost that most exciting time of the year for games and heading to my third E3, I'm going to discuss Playstation E3 2017: What to Expect. This will be based on my past experiences with Playstation at E3, current industry news and nothing to do with bookings as they haven't fully begun to form yet. The first thing I expect to see from Playstation there will be games, tons and tons of games. They've been just killing it in 2017 with the high quality releases and I fully expect that to continue over the next couple years. Not only have we played some great games from Playstation recently, there's also been a large stack of titles teased with videos.

With games being announced, I imagine it will happen at their amazing E3 conference. I was able to attend last year as press and it was amazing, seriously. Things start off with food service outside and that really helps to build the hype. Press get to network and chat about what they think will be shown, it's great. Then you head into this massive theater (hopefully it's the same venue) and they make it into a concert experience with some class to it having an orchestra last year. During the show I fully expect a final reveal on the Uncharted 4: The Lost Legacy standalone along with the first reveal of Horizon Zero Dawn's DLC which I believe will follow the former's standalone concept. In the middle of the show will be the latest displays for Call of Duty: WWII and Destiny 2 with both of those being story based trailers with gameplay. It shows off the strong third party support the company has grasped over the generation.

Playstation E3 2017: What to Expect

After the third party we'll probably see an indie reel with some exclusives or small titles getting a showing. This is important as while big games are awesome, indie games can be such gems. I would expect mostly Playstation published games here and largely fresh reveals. They'll then finish things off with the closest upcoming games, this being final dates for Spiderman PS4; God of War, Detroit and Days Gone. I don't honestly expect Death Stranding or The Last of Us II getting anything more than a tease, since I feel they're a bit off. I'd love to be surprised, but I just can't see them being pushed yet. There will also probably be some PSVR content with their first and key third party developers, but I'm unsure how dedicated this will be. The VR has been doing great for sure, but with last year's E3 focusing on that launch it may take a seat back. Something has to be shifted around as the conferences are typically 1.5 hours with the big games usually getting 6-10 minute demos each.

After the show ends, the people there will most likely once against get invited to the Playstation arcade area for games and food! I truly hope the donut wall returns, its magical people. Last year only VR games were available and I expect this one to perhaps have the demos they show with a smaller VR showing. Sony is taking a much larger E3 showroom space so I imagine that's available for the VR setups and that's where the focus will be shifted for the device. The floor will also contain a vast quantity of indie developers with mini theaters to show off guided tours of the big games. With regular people visiting this is meant to help showcase the titles and it'll be clustered as their area always is. This is about what I expect from Playstation E3 2017, but I imagine there might be even more surprises and perhaps some new third party deals coming.

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