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Halo Master Chief Collection 4k: Now is the Time

Halo: The Master Chief Collection sadly had a rough launch that really caused some issues within the Halo Community and while the game runs fine in its current state, now is the time to give the collection a 4k update. I'm not saying that the game needs to be completely revamped as it's a complete package, but just updated to the higher resolution textures that I'm sure are there waiting. It would also be great to see the update treated as a relaunch for the collection despite just being an enhanced version. Things have changed since the launch of the game with Xbox One having a larger player base so this could be treated like a second remaster of sorts.

Even if it doesn't get this full release that I'm mentioning, even an update to unlock the higher textures would certainly be appreciated. I understand that many games will benefit from the natural upscale to 4k from Xbox 2017, but it would be better and deserving of this Halo collection to get better optimization. While not every Halo title has 4k resolution textures waiting, I'm sure Halo 2 Anniversary does considering it was capped off to reach a solid frame rate and I'm sure Halo 3 was future proofed by the way they talked about it pre-launch. That aside, it's Halo 3's 10th Anniversary in 2017 and even pairing an updated version around an enhancement of this important game in the franchise could be done.

Halo Master Chief Collection 4k: Now is the Time

The future proofing of Halo 3 was mentioned before MCC launched that Bungie originally produced high resolution textures and while unlocked to some degree for the regular Chief collection, perhaps it can look just that much better. This isn't to say that they're not already in use in the game, but there's probably more to get out of them. I'm not entirely sure about Halo 4 or Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary as I don't believe they were looking too far into the future when those two released. Not to say those games won't shine with the upgraded resolution, just that I'm not sure if there's more they can get out of them than the 1080 they sit at currently.

I'll be very surprised if there isn't something Halo oriented that comes out for the Xbox One's 4k debut and the Chief Collection could provide that cheap option for developer or consumer. Again, it doesn't necessarily need any big change to it instead opting to clean up larger issues and give it that 4k shine. This would certainly help with fans as I was quite disappointed when all my friends ditched the game after launch. It was somewhat devastating to see so much hype around the initial release and then to have no one to play it. The game still has a dedicated community that plays it, but getting a fresh start could do wonders go gathering players and adding longevity to these Xbox classics.

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Halo Master Chief Collection 4k: Now is the Time

Article by: Jason Stettner

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