Xbox 4k Gaming Starts Now

Xbox 4k gaming start now after the full reveal of the Xbox 2017 that brings unparalleled power and specs to what will certainly be the industry leading console for many years to come. Not only will the machine completely trump any of the competition, it will also bring existing Xbox One and Xbox 360 Backwards Compatible games to full 4k glory. While not all may care about the power of consoles, the ones that do are going to be exciting and even those that don't should be excited here.

All existing games enjoy a nice resolution boost upscaling to native 4k and pushing those frame rates to the max. The games should all be buttery smooth and even with slight optimization just that much more beautiful. The best example of this is with Turn10 porting Forza Motorsport 6 in just two days achieving 4k 60fps at only 66% of GPU usage which is absolute madness. Never has there been any console that's taken some existing chips and tuned them to the extent of which this console has been. By using some already available chipsets this should also make the console affordable and directly compete in the market. Market competition is important as power is one thing, large amounts of gamers need to be able to buy it.

Xbox 4k Gaming Starts Now

For those that don't have 4k TVs though you should upgrade as they're cheap now and industry standard the 1080p games get a boost. They'll be able to hit those target rates without any issues and render perfectly. It's going to be incredible to have a machine that doesn't have any limits and brings true power to the home TV set in all forms. This whole journey to 4k gaming starts right now from the announcement of Microsoft's beast Xbox and will carry through to its Fall 2017 launch. While not all information is currently available we know what sort of power will be driving 4k home and it starts with Xbox. None of that checkerboarding cheat stuff, no restraints and just raw power. The usage of the specs will be up to developers though I can see many jumping onto what best displays their games and Microsoft's console is once again ready to take the power crown.

With this extra power I'm sure the existing first party and third party deal line-up is ready to play. This would include the future proofed series such as Halo; Gears of War, Forza Motorsport, Forza Horizon, Tomb Raider, Dead Rising, Killer Instinct and I pray Ori and the Blind Forest as my eyes melt watching that on PC at 4k. This will surely be a stepping stone for the age of 4k gaming.

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