What Destiny 2 Needs to Bring Me Back

With Destiny 2 being given an official reveal it's time to go over the major problems of the first and what it would take to bring me back. The first Destiny was a huge disappointment with a number of problems from the story, to the shallow content and awful repetition. It was at first an exciting game with tons of planets to explore, but after the initial drop of content from which much of it was seen during the beta there wasn't much to the game. You don't necessarily need the longest core campaign, but with this being a MMO I would expect the post-story content to provide something extra. Instead it was a boring set of a few missions and then the multiplayer. I'll leave the multiplayer alone though as I do recall enjoying it.

After burning Destiny out in a couple weeks and not being able to level due to grinding being the only way to get light armor which was required to level I called it quits. I haven't looked back and honestly don't miss the game in the slightest. My group of gaming friends did the exact same thing and the game is often remembered via joke instead of fond times. I do hear that Destiny has improved since then, but with Destiny 2 there are some things I'd need to see in order to bring me back into the game.

What Destiny 2 Needs to Bring Me Back

A Coherent Story
Destiny was vague and wandered in its story that never really solved anything with it ultimately being incredibly forgettable. There was apparently lots of lore created, but I shouldn't have to leave the game to read cards in order to understand what's going on. Destiny 2 needs a strong core story building up characters you can connect to and then have the additional Raids, Strikes or Side events build around that story. This also applies to characters being like, "I could tell you stories of those great times" and actually telling those stories as that's just lazy.

This was slightly touched upon in my opening, but there needs to be stuff to do. I don't want to continuously replay the same boring Strike mission over and over with no benefits aside from maybe a better knee guard. These side events should contain some story or perhaps even at least dynamically change with each play of it. Left 4 Dead of all things does this best having slight world changes that keep the chapters fresh. There also needs to be something more to it aside from the main narrative that keeps me wanting to look for new things. Destiny 2 needs missions that offer better variety, every level in Destiny seemed to just be the same thing on repeat further burning the aspect of repetition into one's mind. In other MMO titles you can explore the worlds for hours doing side missions, adventuring into new areas and just experiencing an exciting world.

I might be interested in seeing what Bungie has to offer with Destiny 2, but it will really be E3 that matters for whether I care. I'm sure the game has gotten better since I've left it a long time ago yet for the hype that was presented around launch it should have been a full experience then with only more content on the way. I feel that if they take the time to tell an exciting story, build a proper environment of wonder since their graphics were superb and give steady unique content Destiny 2 could be a real winner.

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