Kritika Online Pax East 2017 Impressions

While at PAX East 2017 I got to play Kritika Online, the latest MMO from En Masse Entertainment which are the local publishers of Tera. Fast paced cinematic action drives this hyper-stylized 3-D brawler. Three adventures tackle each dungeon with over-the-top special and ultimate moves to decimate the dungeon boss and their minions.

Fast paced missions average about fifteen to twenty minutes per dungeon lending Kritika to offer a quick fix, or an extended session of diverse encounters. The special moves cool down quickly so they are always at the ready. Combining this with the cinematic-prefaced ultimate move where everything dies makes for a satisfying experience. Initially players may choose from fighter, rouge, mage, or reaper. The two dungeons played in the Pax East hands-on demo both offered unique experiences.

Kritika Online Screenshot of Magic

The first pitted the players against a horde of minions in two areas before reaching the third boss area. Imposing final bosses test the trio’s ability to concentrate efforts in defeating them, while avoiding distractions by the minions. The second dungeon pitted the heroes against three witch sisters. This encounter was not minion heavy, but rather the first two sisters acted as mini-bosses for the third.

Each of the first two sisters required a different technique to defeat them. The final witch was devious in that she would summon minions and had a radiating power that would severely damage close-range attacking heroes. After completing a dungeon, there is loot to be collected and upgrades to be bought. At level fifteen, characters can choose a specialty for their class. Kritika Online will be in closed beta later this spring 2017.

Players wishing to participate in the closed beta may sign up at to sign up for a chance. Open beta will happen in early summer 2017. Kritika online is a free-to-play game with additional content added regularly and this should keep the game fresh with the great support Tera gets as an example. Kritika Online is a perfect remedy for whatever doldrums may come your way.

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