Reservoir Dogs: Bloody Days Pax East 2017 Impressions

This year at PAX East I played the Reservoir Dogs: Bloody Days hands-on demo. Based on the characters from the Tarantino film, the game uses the filmmaker’s affinity for flashbacks as a core gameplay mechanic. A top-down strategy shooter, Reservoir Dogs offers a single-player coop experience via time manipulation. A typical mission begins with the characters giving an overview of the mission objectives, and then turning things over to the player to find the best way to execute the plan. Clever use of the team is the key to the game and success. Going one-man-army in this game will only go so far as using all team members cohesively will garner better success. Each character has their own strengths and weaknesses. Mr. White may be tougher but slower than Mr. Pink for example. Utilizing the team’s skills in symphony is the key to a completed mission.

Reservoir Dogs Bloody Days Title Art

Mr. White may push forward as Mr. Orange supports during a reload, and Mr. Pink flanks providing support. This is done using the game’s time manipulation mechanic. Given that the team starts at the spawn point, the player has control of Mr. White. He pushes forward to a point where he needs to reload. Switching to Mr. Orange will set back to the spawn point. Mr. White will go on his predetermined path allowing Mr. Orange to support during the reload. Switching now to Mr. Pink will start everyone at the spawn following their previous paths while Mr. Pink flanks. All of this is going on while giving Mr. White, or any of the others, the option to change their path striving for the best execution of the plan.

Using the time mechanic for the option to manipulate the story on the fly for the best possible outcome. This will surely lead to a community dedicated to the creation of glorious cinematic shootouts. There are levels that seem more laid-back, giving the freedom for creative execution, while timed missions require the ability to think on your feet to get the job done. Reservoir Dogs Bloody Days features characteristically strong dialog keeping in line with the subject material. Reservoir Dogs: Bloody Days earned Gamerheadquarters’ ”Best Digital” title due to its innovative play style. Reservoir Dogs: Bloody Days is sure to become fan favorite from its portrayal of the property.

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Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Glen Fortkamp