Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild How to Gain Hearts and Stamina

This is a brief and simple guide on the general way to collect extra hearts or stamina in Zelda: Breath of the Wild. At the start you get a small selection of three hearts in which you're to do tasks. At that number of hearts you get insta-killed by basically everything and honestly it doesn't get any easier as you progress in regards to just facing death all the time. To get a heart, you'll have to collect four shrine tokens by completing the various mini shrine dungeons scattered throughout the world. These are marked with an orange color and a primary position to progress past the tutorial area. Once completed they'll turn a blue color and that will give indication of what you've already collected. Once you have finished four of these areas you'll have enough shrine tokens to unlock a heart of a stamina improvement. It shouldn't be hard to come across these various shrines in the world and you can get an upgrade for your tablet by doing a main side quest past Kakariko Village in a smaller town towards the coast.

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I personally suggest getting hearts as that's more important for doing things or just surviving, but the choice is yours. These tokens are chased in at prayer shrines that can be found scattered throughout the world with notable early ones at the first destroyed temple you visit and the second in Kakariko Village. The village shrine location is found in the image above so you can get an idea of just what these prayer spots look like when adventuring around. The second option for gaining hearts is to beat the main four dungeons as they give you that bonus plus a reward for completion. These dungeon quests are quite difficult and it's best to be prepared for them. Since this is also a heart focused thread, completion of the Water dungeon will unlock an ability to instantly resurrect on the spot if your hearts fall to zero and this get refreshed over time. I hope that helps with gaining hearts and stamina which are essential to your journey against Ganon.

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