Horizon Zero Dawn Main Quests and Length

Horizon Zero Dawn is a beautiful and lengthy game which took me a total of just under 11 hours to complete when just going through all the main quests. This was a fairly quick pace were I had little issues along the way so definitely a full campaign and it could take 20 hours for just a casual exploration of the world. There's also a ton of side quests as well so just because the campaign was quick to move through doesn't mean there isn't a ton to do. I've included the list of all the 20 main quests below so you can see how far you've progressed in the game.

Horizon Zero Dawn Main Quest and Length

A Gift from the Past
Lessons of the Wild
The Point of the Spear
Mother's Heart
The Proving
The Womb of the Mountain
A Seeker at the Gates
The War-Chief's Trail
Revenge of the Nora
The City of the Sun
The Field of the Fallen
Maker's End
Into the Borderlands
The Grave-Hoard
To Cure the Darkness
Deep Secrets of the Earth
The Terror of the Sun
The Heart of the Nora
The Mountain that Fell
The Looming Shadow

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