Thimbleweed Park is Xbox Play Anywhere

Thimbleweed Park is a game of mystery and intrigue as you follow a group of random strangers in this bizarre little town of 80 people. It's set to launch on March 30th for Steam and Xbox One with mobile releases later in the year along with possible releases on other consoles though nothing there is set in stone. While sending in my inquiry to review the game which I will be for launch, I also asked about whether this will be a Xbox Play Anywhere supported title. This is getting fairly standard as XPA support is heating up with multiple releases recently and planned in the future. I got this response;

"The game isn't going to launch on the Windows Store immediately (it'll probably be a few weeks after the Xbox and Steam/GOG launches), but once it does, Xbox Play Anywhere will be supported."

This was from my PR contact representing the game so it'll definitely support the Xbox Play Anywhere program which is fantastic and adds greater value to games. This program allows players to buy the game once digitally and then they own it on both Xbox One and Windows 10. As mentioned in the noted quote it may take a few weeks after for this to come in, but it will be supported once the game launches on the Windows Store. I've been looking forward to Thimbleweed Park for quite awhile since its announcement a couple years back and had followed its Kickstarter run so it'll be interesting to see how this a joke every two minutes game turns out.

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Thimbleweed Park is Xbox Play Anywhere

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner