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While attending the Toy Fair 2017 in New York City this year, I was excited to get a look at the new lineup of LEGO sets for the upcoming year. Overall, the new sets have an amazing level of detail, familiar characters have been redesigned, and there are many new elements in this line. These are my impressions of the new LEGO line and what stood out to me as unique for the various themes that were on display. With that I'm going to be going over all the details of the 2017 LEGO line-up along with details on what secret sets I wasn't able to view.

LEGO Minecraft Set 21129 Mushroom Island at Toy Fair 2017
My first stop was to see the Ninjago Movie sets. I was not allowed to photograph anything I saw here, but I can say that there is movie inspired playsets based on the locations in the movie. There is also a new ship for the ninjas that is larger than any previous ship. Another secret lineup supports the new Pixar Cars 3 movie. Other than the movie logo, the box art was completely covered. All that I can say about this line is that there are at least five sets with one being large enough that it may be a complete track. The new Ninjago sets have redesigned vehicles for the small to midrange sets. The larger sets have a large buildable enemy as the center piece, and there is a new dojo that is packed with features. With complete bias, Zane is the standout simply because he is my favorite character of the series.

There is a new game from Traveller’s Tales called LEGO Worlds for Xbox One, Playstation and PC. A sandbox-type game that invites players to, “Become a Master Builder in an open-world creative adventure with friends…” It supports one to two players locally, and up to two players in online play. There was nothing to indicate a Nintendo version of the title at the time. I am glad that a LEGO game is giving another try at online play. The new LEGO Minecraft sets continue exploring the different biomes from the game. Look forward to the Jungle Temple, Mooshroom Island, and the Ocean Monument. Alex is featured more prevalently in the new sets. My favorite was the Witch figure from “The Witch’s Hut,” it was a bit easier seeing this terror in LEGO form. Although I never got into the Technic line, the new sets are impressive and aesthetically pleasing. The RC Tracked Racer got my attention the most. Featuring a two-joystick remote, the RC Racer is quick and responsive, it also appears to have different channels which leads me to believe that these will be capable to race with other Tracked Racers.

LEGO Guardians of the Galaxy 2 Faceoff 2 at Toy Fair 2017
DC Super Hero Girls is expanding their line with my favorite element being Wonder Woman’s invisible motorcycle featuring a transparent cowling. NEXO Knights are getting several new sets implying that LEGO has created another successful original property. The obvious stand out is the Stone Colossus of Ultimate Destruction. It may be the most impressive buildable large figure that LEGO has produced. The Star Wars action figures are supporting the new Rogue One movie along with the new trilogy. The throwback Scout Trooper and Speeder Bike set is the centerpiece of the new line.

Avengers are getting new sets centered around Iron Man, Hulk, and Captain America. I have two favorites from the same set. The redesigned Falcon implies a Stark overhaul, and Captain America in a bomber jacket gives the feel that Cap is not ready for an upgrade yet. At least four new sets have been produced for the new Guardians of the Galaxy property. Elements from these sets are instantly recognizable from the trailer, such as the pink tentacle monster, and Mantis. My favorite is the redesign of Star Lord/Peter Quill with improvements to his accessories. Unfortunately, Guardians is the only line that I was disappointed by. While the set is done well the Milano is markedly smaller than the original. I would recommend picking up the original Milano if possible. There are also two Thor sets along with three Justice League of America sets in the pipeline. There were teased by placards displayed without any physical sets.

Boost is a programmable five-in-one robot that connects to a smart device and allows for drag-and-drop programming through a free downloadable app. It seems more accessible than Mindstorms, another STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) product from LEGO.

LEGO City Set 60150 Pizza Van at Toy Fair 2017
The City line is still the foundation of the LEGO experience. Standouts are the Pizza Truck where minifigures can now get pizza by the slice, The Coast Guard Headquarters, and the Bus Station which features a bus that is handicapped accessible. My memorable element is the crashed cargo plane in the Jungle Exploration Site set. The Brickheadz are LEGO’s foray into the Little Big-Head market. They are supporting the LEGO Batman Movie and The Avengers in this line. My standouts are Disney’s Belle and The Beast. I am looking forward to the direction that this line will take. Keeping in the line of Disney is the massive Silent Mary from the Pirates of the Caribbean series with a June first release date. Expect more entries as the movie gets closer.

There are many sets coming from the LEGO Batman Movie including a massive Batmobile and Batwing. More Classic Batman villains are being released including Bane, Scarecrow, Two-Face, Polka-Dot Man, and a redesigned Harley Quinn. My favorite touch is how the villains are an amalgam of the comic, film and video game versions. Prepare for LEGO Star Wars to run the gamut of the property. All episodes are fair game this year. There is the Duel on Naboo (spoiler Qui-Gon dies), Darth Vader’s Transformation, an impressive Y-wing, Battle on Scarif, a Republic Fighter Tank featuring Aayala Secura, and the Rathtar Escape. The winner is Yoda’s Jedi Starfighter because I was not aware that Yoda had a prototype TIE Interceptor.

LEGO Star Wars Set 75180 Rathar Escape at Toy Fair 2017
I consider myself fortunate to have been able to experience the new LEGO line first-hand at the Toy Fair in New York City. LEGO has always encouraged creative play through their own properties as well as the licenses that they have acquired throughout the years. LEGO’s dedication to children of all ages through creative play earns their iconic status with each new set. Whether it be everyday life, fantastic heroes, or STEM, LEGO offers limitless possibilities year after year.

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Reviewed by: Glen Fortkamp

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