McFarlane Destiny 2017 Figures Toy Fair 2017

McFarlane really brought it with a new Destiny line set for release in Fall 2017 featuring many iconic characters and items from the Bungie game. The figures collected below are just initial molds of what will be the first wave in an upcoming line of Destiny figures that will coincide with the latest release of Destiny this year. The initial wave is focused towards the core classes having unique packaging and great articulation with what I'm sure are spot on features from the game.

Destiny 2017 Figures at Toy Fair 2017 featuring Titan, Warlock and Hunter
7 Inch Class Figures
This is the first set of figures from the collecting bringing 7" models for all the core classes within Destiny. This includes a Vault of Glass "Titan", a King's Fall "Warlock" and the Iron Banner "Hunter". All the models feature various customization options and articulate very well though these are of course just for display being a mold in progress. The figures have a suggest retail cost of $19.99 USD coming in Fall 2017.

Destiny 2017 Gjallarwing Sparrow Figure at Toy Fair 2017
Gjallarwing Sparrow
Introduced in Rise of Iron, the Gjallarwing Sparrow is certainly a vehicle to be proud of. It's beautifully well detailed here and I'm going to assume the figures can mount it though honestly not entirely sure.

Destiny 2017 Lord Saladin Figure at Toy Fair 2017
Destiny 2017 Lord Saladin Figure at Toy Fair 2017

10 Inch Lord Saladin
For when you need those 3 extra inches of being a badass, Lord Saladin stands tall wielding a very large weapon that's sure to strike terror into anyone. This figure is truly well done filled with tiny details that come together to create something that would be perfect on any Destiny fan's shelf. This character once again has a Fall 2017 release date set with a suggested retail value of $24.99 USD.

Gjallarhorn role play item at Toy Fair 2017
This probably isn't entirely related to the figures, but I mean this is quite something. Whenever you play Destiny or talk about it everyone loves this mystical rocket titled the Gjallarhorn. It's apparently a role play item and a crazy one at that brimming with detail also releasing Fall 2017 with a suggested retail value of $149.99 USD for those true enthusiasts. That's also the end of the Destiny figures were available from McFarlane at Toy Fair 2017 and please keep in mind that these are prototypes so they might get slightly adjusted before release.

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