Jazwares Roblox 2017 Figures Toy Fair 2017

Jazwares has a brand new line of Roblox Action Figures launching in 2017 and while we weren't able to grab any photos of them at the event, we did grab some information sheets on what they are. We did however get some promotional shots of the upcoming Roblox line and you can see some grouped images from that below. Roblox is massive mini game hub experience where the community and developers produce countless small games that everyone can enjoy and it recently headed to consoles as well. Every figure and play set is fully functional and comes equipped with a code that will unlock one related item online, redeemed through: www.Roblox.com. Included below are names of these packs, what's included and the current suggested price in USD.

Jazwares Roblox 2017 Figures at Toy Fair 2017

Mystery Figures ($3.99 USD each) 6+
Did you know? The world of Roblox is coming to life with collectible fan-favorite characters. Ranging in levels of rarity, fans are able to collect all 24 mysterious figures. Be warned: one mystery, double the fun!

Single Figures ($6.99 USD) 6+
Calling all virtual explorers! Weave your own tale and lead your own adventures with the Roblox single figures. Characters include Mr. Bling Bling – with this gold suit and flashy smile, Matt Dusek – master wizard and Lord Umberhallow – the ultimate trickster masked in darkness.

Roblox Pizza Place Game Packs ($12.99 USD) 6+
Ding, dong – the pizza’s here! Start your own pizza place with this this tasteful set. Roblox Pizza Place Game Packs comes equipped with 2 figures, a delivery scooter and pizza boxes. Please note: parts not edible.

Roblox High School Game Packs ($12.99 USD) 6+
Geeks, Jocks and Prom Queens welcome... there’s no homework required at Roblox High! Roblox High School Game Packs includes 2 figures, lockers, skateboards and interchangeable hats. Live the Highschool dream and be who you want to be at Roblox High.

Champions of Roblox 6-Figure Pack ($19.99 USD) 6+
The catastrophic Korblox war against the Redcliff Kingdom rages on. Gather your forces and prepare for battle. Game pack includes 6 exclusive figures. 6 Bonus Rare Accessories.

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Jazwares Roblox 2017 Single Figures at Toy Fair 2017

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