Jazwares Minecraft 2017 Figures Toy Fair 2017

Jazwares has a new line of Minecraft Action Figures launching in 2017 and while we weren't able to grab any photos of them at the event, we did grab some information sheets on what they are. The figures apparently look quite cool from what our attendee mentioned being 3 inches in size and fitting in with the exciting Jazware Minecraft figures. When looking through the list it seems like they have some well sorted packs with a variety of options to build your figure world. Included below are names of these packs, what's included and the current suggested price in USD.

Minecraft Consoles Boating through ruins and promo for Jazwares Minecraft 2017 Figures at Toy Fair 2017

Minecraft – New 3-inch Action Figures ($9.99 USD each)
There are 6 new highly detailed and fully articulated 3-inch figures to look out for including; Charged Creeper Pack, Zombie Pigman Pack, Alex with Diamond Armor Pack, Snow Golem Pack, Steve with Minecart Pack and the rare Witch Pack. Each figure comes with its own Minecraft accessories, perfect to build and customize your own world of Minecraft adventure.

Alex with Skeleton Horse Pack ($14.99 USD)
This pack Includes Alex with Carrot Farm, Skeleton Horse, Saddle, and Bone.

Alex Survival Pack ($15.99 USD)
The Alex Survival Pack includes Alex with an Iron Shovel, Stone Axe, Furnace, Torch, Double Chest, and Bed.

Wild Animal Pack ($19.99 USD)
Take home the Wild Animal Pack. Includes Ocelot, Black Sheep, Mooshroom, Wolf, Bat, and Polar Bear "awe".

Tame Animal Pack ($19.99 USD)
The Tame Animal Pack includes Tabby Cat, Foal, Blue Sheep, Bunny, Cow, Tamed Wolf, and Chicken.

Dungeon Pack ($24.99 USD)
Take home the Dungeon Pack. Includes Zombie Spawner, Skeleton Spawner, Spider Spawner, Golden Apple, Chest and Iron Ingot

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