Funko Pop Overwatch Vinyl Figures Toy Fair 2017

Overwatch got a new line of Funko Pops at Toy Fair 2017 that features another selection of core characters from the roster of this hit Blizzard game. Included in this line-up are a variety of characters; D.VA with Meka, Lucio, McCree, Mei, Reinnhardt and Symmetra. We didn't get the box numbers for them sadly, but you can enjoy an image for each of Funko figures in this new Overwatch collection. Below we have a variety of shots for the characters so you can get a good look at what's included.

Funko Pop Overwatch D.VA with Meka Vinyl Figures at Toy Fair 2017
Funko Pop: D.VA with Meka
This character is the large figure in the collection featuring the full Meka with a smaller figure for the inside. It's actually really great looking and I think it captures the duo very well.

Funko Pop Overwatch Lucio Vinyl Figures at Toy Fair 2017
Funko Pops: Lucio
Lucio's head is somewhat plain, but the body and the general look of the figure definitely has all the important details covered here.

Funko Pop Overwatch McCree Vinyl Figures at Toy Fair 2017
Funk Pop: McCree
I really like this figure as it's got the character represented well while also fully embracing the tough cowboy look and the small details are very well done here.

Funko Pop Overwatch Mei Vinyl Figures at Toy Fair 2017
Funk Pop: Mei
Lots of people absolutely love Mei and this figure looks fantastic bringing that charm to the forefront. Mei might seem straight eyed here though with the small snow suit it all comes together well.

Funko Pop Overwatch Reinnhardt Vinyl Figures at Toy Fair 2017
Funk Pop: Reinnhardt
A menacing figure featuring a large hammer and some dark suited armor that brings fear to all that get in the way. Even without the large barrier shield, he still brings it with what I assume is a serious look under that helmet.

Funko Pop Overwatch Symmetra Vinyl Figures at Toy Fair 2017
Funk Pop: Symmetra
Symmetra is a still figure without much action going on, but a determined look that does still show the full character off.

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