Playmobil Hockey NHL Sets 2017 Toy Fair 2017

The New York Toy Fair 2017 is definitely a great time and we're taking a look at various sets from the Playmobil Hockey NHL set collection in 2017. These are sets releasing in the future that feature a full rink, some smaller sets and skaters. This is article is aimed more towards showing off all the sets as there was a variety included within a single area. We're going to be breaking them down here providing what details we have and showing off images.

Playmobil Hockey NHL Set Rink and Goalies at Toy Fair 2017
Set Rink and Goalies September (est) 2017 ($Unknown USD)
This is a close-up shot of the main rink area which is beautifully detailed and really collects that NHL feel. There's also a variety of stickers and numbers for customization options. Aside from just the rink, there's also a shootout mini section and a dressing room set that you can see in the image below.

Playmobil Hockey NHL Set Skaters and Goalies at Toy Fair 2017
Set Skaters and Goalies September (est) 2017 ($Unknown USD)
For our other Toy Fair 2017 articles we've been trying to break down sets though that's difficult here since there are some many skaters. There's certainly a figure for most of the core teams here and some nice side sets to help build that NHL atmosphere. These include the previously mentioned shootout and dressing room sets. It would also appear that you can play a match like air hockey since there's a scoring system on the rink which is a nice touch.

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