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The New York Toy Fair 2017 has been apparently fantastic and the first booking our site attended was a special LEGO one. In this event we were able to grab a selection of photos and below we've compiled all the great LEGO Minecraft sets that are releasing over 2017 with a bit of information on each. We now have the full collection of LEGO Minecraft sets that were shown!

LEGO Minecraft Set 21129 The Mushroom Island at Toy Fair 2017
Set 21129 The Mushroom Island 3/1/17 ($19.99 USD)
This set features a small mushroom island that's host to two Mooshrooms including an adult and a baby. For Mooshroom enthusiasts like myself this is a heavenly set with a decent pricing and it captures their natural habitat beautifully. There's also a Creeper along with Alex available in a boat. It's also worth noting that Alex has a compass and a diamond pick axe. This is tied together nicely with a couple different mushrooms and they've packed a lot into a small spot.

LEGO Minecraft Set 21130 The Nether Railway at Toy Fair 2017
Set 21130 The Nether Railway 3/1/17 ($29.99 USD)
Another small set this one focuses on having a railway in the Nether. I'm not entirely a fan of this one finding it simple, but it's still neat. Included is a Magma Cube, a Zombie Pigman with a diamond pick axe and Steve with some diamond armor. That aside there's a short rail track and a minecraft as well with some Nether lava areas around the side.

LEGO Minecraft Set 21131 The Ice Spikes at Toy Fair 2017
Set 21131 The Ice Spikes 3/1/17 ($39.99 USD)
The Ice Spikes set captures the biome very well offering a few ice pillars and is filled with tiny aspects of Minecraft. This includes a mini Snow Golem, a baby cow and some growing crops in a small patch. There's also a full spider that has some nice functions to it and Steve with some odd armor on.

LEGO Minecraft Set 21132 The Jungle Temple at Toy Fair 2017
Set 21132 The Jungle Temple 3/1/17 ($49.99 USD)
One of the larger sets in this collection, The Jungle Temple perfectly brings this iconic mysterious landmark to life. The Jungle Temples are somewhat rare, packed with some traps and grants some treasure at the end. In this set you get Steve in leather, two archer skeletons and an Ocelot. It's hard to tell what's inside, but the set does seem compact in design so I imagine it's got a treasure in there.

LEGO Minecraft Set 21133 The Witch Hut at Toy Fair 2017
Set 21133 The Witch Hut 3/1/17 ($59.99 USD)
The Witch Hut is another great set that really brings the swamp biome to life while also giving a pulled back look at the area. Included are the core Witch Hut which you might have found in a Minecraft swamp, water and a tree in terms of environment. The characters included are the iconic Witch, Alex in iron armor and two small Slimes. It's also worth noting that the hut has a treasure chests and the Witch carries some potions as well.

LEGO Minecraft Set 21136 The Ocean Monument at Toy Fair 2017
Set 21136 The Ocean Monument 8/1/17 ($119.99 USD)
This is the ultimate set of the collection being an absolute massive take on the rare Ocean Monuments. These are pyramids found below the sea filled with some creatures and very unique treasures. Steven and Alex team up for this one as they battle a variety of Sea Guardians while also battling a full Squid on the side. It's somewhat hard to tell what's on the interior, but it looks as though the pyramid opens up so it might include a room in there as well.

LEGO Minecraft Set 21134 The Waterfall Base at Toy Fair 2017
21134 The Waterfall Base 3/1/17 ($69.99 USD)
We were initially missing this picture, but our guy went back to get it so here's The Waterfall Base. It's honestly not as amazing as I had thought, yet still a full set filled with small, great details. First off we have Steve with some basic tools and a small hut. In the close area is a Creeper, possibly a slime (can't tell) and a cow. The environment contains some cacti; pumpkins, crops and what might be a TNT hiding in the back drop.

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