Marvel Games Square Enix Should Make

The announcement that Square Enix was going to be handling Marvel based games in a new partnership was actually quite surprising. I'm not saying it's at all a bad thing as I'm interested to see what type of games they make with the properties, I just didn't see it coming. With this being a newly announced deal it'll probably take them awhile to complete their first set of Marvel games and really anything could be being created at this point. They do list Crystal Dynamics and Eidos Montreal as working on a project with both of those studios making some stellar titles recently so let's go over what they could and should be making.

I do however have to start with what Marvel properties they really won't or can't be making. The first big one is Spiderman as I'm assuming Sony has full rights over the character with a console exclusive Spiderman game coming soon to Playstation 4. I also don't think they'll touch any of the 20th Century Fox owned Marvel franchises such as X-Men or Fantastic Four (if they still own, questionable) as Marvel doesn't like to promote non-internal works. I'll also take a guess that singular characters won't get core games perhaps seeing some mobile experiences being made like with Hitman or Tomb Raider GO.

Marvel Games Square Enix Should Make

I can somewhat predict that their first game will be a take on The Avengers group as they've teased the #reassemble with the iconic logo, but also that this game will probably be releasing around Infinity Wars. That will be the largest cinematic ensemble of all time making the big dollars and a perfect time to get a tie-in going. Another large and odd group to base a game off of would be The Guardians of the Galaxy. I know that Telltale is currently handling a game with the group, but I feel there's also room for an action adventure oriented take on the characters. It could feature great songs, have some aspects of galactic exploration and carry an exciting story with the Guardians team. I could also see them possibly doing something with Antman and the Wasp since that's an upcoming film and features an essembled cast.

Another team oriented game that could work well would be a The Defenders game featuring the Netflix group as they're very popular in their individual shows and all of those are building towards the eventual grouping. This could weave through their individual stories offering different gameplay styles or even be a cooperative experience. Some other games I could perhaps see in the further future would be Young/New Avengers after Infinity Wars, The InHumans if anything ever happens with them and perhaps even some multi-movie combinations taking multiple usually single characters to put together into a single game. This could be team-ups with Thor, Hulk and Doctor Strange like in Thor: Ragnarok for example though in a game form. These are just some ideas of where Square Enix could and probably should take their Marvel games to with the most desired being the first mentioned.

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