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Join our Minecraft Realm on Pocket Edition

Minecraft Realms are great as I've discovered while briefly running my own that we call "Skyland Online". The Realm currently has over 120 members and is always looking for more to come have fun. We're currently looking for players to join our Minecraft Realm on Pocket Edition; Windows 10, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and Virtual Reality. It features cross-play so any players from either of those devices on IOS; Android, Win10, One or Switch can hop in 24 hours a day to play. The realm has a dedicated group of admins and regular builders that work on making a great community with a number of exciting projects being built in what's already a large growing Minecraft city. You can get a quick taste of how the Realm looks from the attached video and even submit the attached form link to be invited to come help build.

Join the Realm Submission Form

While it's very easy to join our Minecraft Realm we do have a number of rules for how things go though they're fairly easy as we're trying to have a good time. It's also best to read the full rules page as we can tell when you haven't and you won't get an invite. Once you've been screened for entry into the world you'll receive an in-game invite that will grant unlimited access to our awesome realm. The realm is also supported by a number of players creating videos though the core creator is myself, Skycaptin5lol on Youtube where I do streams and other videos showcasing the fantastic work everyone has done. As mentioned we're always looking for helpful people to join the community so be sure to apply and I hope you enjoy Skyland Online!

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