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Call of Duty: Modern vs Infinite Warfare

It's been a long time since Call of Duty 4 first released and completely changed the landscape of shooters. Back then it was the first to step it up moving towards modern warfare while presenting a realistic approach to the genre and now many years later that seems so far removed. With that I'm taking a look at Call of Duty: Modern vs Infinite Warfare with the vast contrast that now exists between these similar, yet completely different titles. I was really hoping that with the initial discussion of returning to ground based warfare that Infinite Warfare's multiplayer might be a bit more realistic, but that wasn't at all the case. There are soldiers and robots wildly soaring lazily through the air while shooting laser beams or launching an array of unrealistic beams across the battlefield.

So far my time between the two titles has been absolutely dominated by playing Modern Warfare as it's a much better experience (reviewing time aside for both). I had often wondered what a futuristic Call of Duty might be like while playing the Modern Warfare series and it took longer than expected to get here with that lengthy journey killing any desire of the sort. Infinite Warfare honestly feels just silly in comparison to playing Cod4 and switching between the two is incredibly awkward. You go from this realistic scenery filled with current weapons, settings and well crafted maps to some sort of distant dystopian hell.

Call of Duty: Modern vs Infinite Warfare

While things do change over time it's actually just incredible how much of a distance has grown between the two games. At their core these are of course the same franchise, but if you showed the two to someone without any gaming experience they'd think both are completely different titles. Even just taking a look at the images on this page it would be hard to find similarities of the games despite them being from the exact same franchise. One aims to provide a realistic look at warfare while the other ventures into a complete Sci-Fi scene that separates itself from any sort of reality. I'm sure some are fine with booster boots or the wild laser elements of play, but this is just getting out of hand. I was really hoping for them to tone things down a bit, yet it only continues to get crazier.

Coming from Infinity Ward's last effort of Ghosts I did think they'd come back down a bit to capture the essence of their massive Modern Warfare series. That of course being what made Call of Duty the monster it's now and instead they opted to leave that completely behind. When comparing these two it's almost sad being a fan of those realistic Call of Duty titles and seeing what's become of it now. Some will enjoy the crazier side of things and that's fine, I'd just like them to find a better balance between the series. There are many other farfetched future titles out there that do a better job than these last CoD entries and any of my CoD time for awhile will be on Modern Warfare.

Call of Duty: Modern vs Infinite Warfare

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