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Gears of War 4 Holiday Events

Gearsmas: In the tradition of usual holiday events, Gears of War 4 is getting its first Gearsmas this year. This was confirmed by an official Gears of War Tweet with the promotional picture below. We're not sure what we'll be getting yet for the event though we expect to know soon. Preceding the event we've also just been given an update that adds special drops to the game and there's supposed to be special unlocks whether that's bounties, skins or other items during the holidays. I'm also going to guess that a special festive lootbox set will be available to spend earned credits on as well. Looking at Gearsmas' that have come and gone the usual format is a 12 days of Christmas theme where each day has a wacky theme. This was usually a new special playlist each day that completely changed the game and it'll be interesting to see if that continues. The multiplayer also typically gets graced with a fun head feature which in the past was terrifying Snowman heads and if they're anything like the Halloween event it should be great. You can also read about the Halloween event below in case you missed it.

Update: There will be 30 pieces of Gearsmas festive items to collect with 28 items from packs and 2 from playing on certain days. The two special items, December 16: Chuzzmas Emblem and December 27: Ice Boomshot are only available on the special days. There's also a special event called Snowball fight which is TDM with Snowshots which are icy Boomshots. Below are the additional 28 items you can collect.

Gears of War Gearsmas Tweet Here
Gears of War 4 Gearsmas Event

Events Info: Gears of War 4 is now confirmed to have holiday events after a tweet that was sent out displayed the well known scary pumpkin heads that were well known in Gears of War 3. They've been definitely given an update and along with the tweet was mention of "Halloween Approaches". For those that might not have played in any of the Gears of War 3 holiday events, the developers like to switch things up by replacing everyone's heads with wacky seasonal faces. These include things such as floppy rabbit heads for Easter, giant Hearts for Valentine's Day and of course scary Pumpkin Heads for Halloween. Headshots are also a bit more rampant during these times and it's actually quite awesome to play.

Gears of War Halloween Tweet Here
Gears of War 4 Halloween Event

Halloween 2016
Gears 4 Halloween 2016 brings Pumpkin Ball which is a special take on Dodgeball featuring everyone having scary pumpkin heads, there's also bonus XP to be earned. That aside there's also a special Halloween Elite Pack that sends out festive items.

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