Gears of War 4 Acts

Gears of War 4 is actually a fairly lengthy game where my run time on Normal was about seven hours with limited deaths. With that I've compiled a list for all the Gears of War 4 acts and chapters in the game so you can get any idea of how far you're along in it.

Act 1
Chapter 0. Prologue
Chapter 1. The Raid
Chapter 2. In and Out
Chapter 3. New Friends
Chapter 4. A Few Snags

Act 2
Chapter 1. The Prodigal Son
Chapter 2. Geared Up
Chapter 3. Plan B
Chapter 4. The Great Escape

Act 3
Chapter 1. Almost Midnight
Chapter 2. Night Terrors
Chapter 3. At the Doorstop
Chapter 4. Do Not Go Gently
Chapter 5. Elevator to Hell
Chapter 6. Origins

Act 4
Chapter 1. Get Out
Chapter 2. No Detours
Chapter 3. Knock Knock
Chapter 4. Powerless
Chapter 5. Storm Warning

Act 5
Chapter 1. Convergence
Chapter 2. Killing Time
Chapter 3. Gate Crashers
Chapter 4. Release

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