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Halo 5: Guardians Action Sack Shows Off Amazing Forge

The Forge system in Halo has always been an exciting section of the game really growing the offering for custom games and it's been given a show-off playlist with Action Sack. For those unfamiliar with the mode it's been available in rotation since Halo 2 coming back in various forms for each Halo title. It only continued to grow wackier with the Forge system and this latest version is seriously crazy. There are eight unique modes available in the current hopper that each bring a different style of Forge into play. The first of these is Mongoose Sumo where players attempt to knock each other off the slowly disappearing platform. This has been around in a number of forms over the years with Warthogs usually. Not particularly a favorite of mine, but the mode can be a good laugh with horns honking and players bumping.

The second mode is Tankworld which is basically World of Tanks: Halo Edition having Scorpions battle across a massive field of battle. It's strangely strategic to play as well since everything is balanced out and the maps also show just the sheer size of a Forge canvas in Halo 5. The next mode was Paintball Junkies which is another mode that's usually put into Action Sack except this time it's been given a bit of an update with a very realistic terrain whereas past iterations have been open and plain. Another returning mode, this one from Halo 4 was Husky Raid. It basically takes Capture the Flag, throws a Fiesta style of random weapons in and has players battle in a very narrow path of death.

In the theme of returning we have two Mantis based modes which weren't particularly pushed in Halo 4, but existed in the Forge community. The first is like Tankworld with players all having a Mantis and just battling it out in a maze setting called Mantis Breakout. The second Mantis mode is called Minotaurs which twists infection having players run away from zombie Manti that are chasing them, it's wild. What makes this mode even crazier is that the actual walls shift around which I've never before in Forge and it feels natural in the map. The final two modes both tweak gravity around with the first being a play on Grifball. This mode is called Rift Ball featuring floating Spartans, objects and a general objective to plant the bomb. The last mode featured is Ground Pound which throws players into a brightly colored arena with jump pads and snipers. The general goal here is to mostly ground pound everything and everyone, but you can also pull off some sick snipes as well.

Forge has definitely changed considerably since its humble start on Halo 2 PC and I have to say this latest version is amazing. These modes are wacky and the levels are beautifully designed with variations that weren't even possible a couple years ago. Ramps move, walls shift and the play on regular game settings bring these well crafted levels to life. Its shown great improvement and I'd definitely suggest hopping onto Halo 5 to give these a whirl or the upcoming Halo 5 Forge on Windows 10 as that will only grow Halo Custom Games to new heights.

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Halo 5: Guardians Action Sack Shows Off Amazing Forge

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