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Sniper Elite 4 E3 2016 Impressions

Sniper Elite 4 is the latest in the stealth focused shooter that's all about sniping. While you can do other things in the game as well as you move around the environments it does put an emphasis on being all about the sniper style. It's most an improvement over the past title as I didn't too much that was knew, but I still had a great time playing. In the demo at E3 we were just pushed in with a little bit of information on what was going to happen which was good as I already know how to play any shooter really. Our goal was to take a pack of C4 and then plant it on this massive bridge currently held by the enemy Nazi regime. This could be done in complete stealth by moving perfectly or by shooting those that got in your way. I moved along to a push to survey the area with binoculars and began taking out a couple of the enemies. It's got a great aiming system in place to help with long distance shots as there's bullet drop present for realism and I also found it nice that I could mask my sounds by shooting at the right time. While playing I did have an issue with being not too smart and only looking at the target missing this whole town of enemies behind me. They obviously eventually caught wind of the bullet sound and falling comrades, they then surveyed the area. Not a big deal to an experienced shooter such as myself and I began to half loudly/half stealthily slaughter them all.

Sniper Elite 4 E3 2016 Impressions

I moved within the small town switching between my pistol and submachine gun to tackle the enemies while scavenging bodies for ammo. This worked quite well and eventually things settled where I was, but the enemies on the bridge were at high alert. I then moved towards a higher vantage point church while stabbing some folks to set up more sniping opportunities. I took out a few more on the bridge to lower the numbers and began my advance on the bridge. I walked by some enemies that were on a cliff above and just started taking out the lower enemies as the C4 spot was on the scaffolding side. Once it was planted all boss-like I began running away and right through a barrier as it's still in development. Would have had one of the fastest times if not, but still did one of the best times. I planted the C4 on the checkpoint load and hauled ass out of there to watch the glory of destruction. I was then notified I needed to shoot the C4 as we're a sniper, so I shot it easily and the bridge exploded. There were some objectives which I netted a couple of and I was definitely pleased with my progression on the level. Everything seemed nicely polished aside from that one spot and hopefully I'll be checking out the game when it releases on Valentine's Day 2017. For now check out our interview with one of the developers to gain more insight on the titles and other facts about Rebellion.

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