APB Reloaded Xbox One Release Date

It looks as though ABP Reloaded is finally releasing on Xbox One after having been discussed for a couple years at this point. The game will be coming in at around 9.6 GB of space available May 31st. It's currently only available in a number of countries on the Xbox One store and this page will be updated when we have more details. It will also be published by Deep Silver as a free to play Xbox One title. It seems to carry over designs from the PC version though we're unsure at the moment of any cross-play or cross-account settings will be available.

Game description: Anarchy. Righteousness. In the world of APB you have a choice: fight for or against the law? Take to the streets as a vigilante or hardened criminal in the murderous metropolis of San Paro where gunfights, chases, robberies and vandalism set the tone. Give your character form with insanely many options, and choose from hundreds of modifications for your weapons and vehicles. Soar into the ranks of the organization chosen and earn fame, deadly weapons, exotic vehicles and stylish new clothes. But if you fail, you are nothing more than just another corpse in an alley. KEY FEATURES: - Always new clothes, weapons and vehicles for your character - A huge arsenal of weapons and modifications - Improve your strategy with various character mods - Dozens of vehicles, from muscle cars to trucks, and everything in between - A living city you 24/7 dynamic missions play against other players

Update: Additional regions seem to be appearing for the game, definitely free to play. Will update the store page with the US game page when it's available. Link below takes you to the US Store Page

APB Reloaded Store Page
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APB Reloaded Xbox One Release Date

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner