Xbox Backwards Compatible Page No Longer Lists Coming Soon

It would appear with the new re-organization of the Xbox Backwards compatible page that the "coming soon" section has been removed. This is of course a page that's been teasing players since launch of Backwards Compatibility back in November. It listed some major titles that were highly requested by fans including Skate 3; Bioshock, Bioshock 2, Bioshock: Infinite and Call of Duty: Black Ops. While we don't know the exact reason for why Xbox has removed them from their site it most likely has to do with the constant complaints you see across the internet about why these titles haven't been made available. While these are some great games that would be nice to have I'm personally not too bothered by the titles not appearing as there have been many others appearing. It's still rather odd as to why this page was removed and I've reached out to my Xbox rep to see if there's any statement as I'm well aware of the desire around these games.

Xbox Backwards Compatible Page No Longer Lists Coming Soon

That aside the page has been updated to reflect recently released backwards compatible titles and to highlight the fan favorite games currently in the backwards library. They also have a new banner which is great and showcases some of the top titles currently available on the platform and it's basically just a better website. With that I'd like to go over some possible motives for the removal of these games from my best guesses. The most likely is that they were tired of seeing complaints, it takes time to emulate games and that fact they're doing it at all is great. To counteract that the point that these games have been mentioned for six months with no updates is a valid complain. Another possibility is that in seeing the response of fan votes for these titles the publishers are now focusing on remasters as there have been many rumors about a Bioshock collection and CoD: Modern Warfare is being remastered as well. Whatever the reason is I'm sure we'll see a pile of them be released at E3 2016 and I look forward to being there in attendance at the Xbox Briefing.

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