Xbox Backwards Compatibility is on a Roll

At this point things have been great with backwards compatibility on Xbox One, we've gotten a stack of titles and with this past week things have seemed to explode.

It's been crazy seeing the mass amount of Xbox 360 games that are being made available for Xbox One. It's been at least one title a day with some having multiple releases, but the biggest aspect of this is that that many of these games are AAA. Backwards compatibility started out with a large stack of titles at launch with most of them being smaller digital titles which was somewhat disappointing.

There were some more small releases after that with nothing big coming out and even the announcement of releasing whenever they were ready was a scary thought as I feared the worst of them having issues emulating titles. This was brought on by the lack of more recent games and the slow releases of them. It was getting particularly worse until about a week or two ago where they just keep pushing out games like crazy.
Xbox Backwards Compatibility is on a Roll

My hard drive is really feeling it as my library is now right at the edge of filling up 3.5 TB of space, I like to keep the majority of my titles available whenever so that's mostly why it's so full. I also review games so I get a lot of them and my library is rather large, anyways it's the great amount of Xbox 360 titles that's starting to add up which is great. I was assuming that Xbox was saving up for a huge stack of titles to be released during E3 2016, but I suppose I'm way off with that which means we might see something even crazier than just Xbox 360 titles on Xbox One. I'm thinking either Xbox 360 titles on Windows 10 or even Xbox Originals for that, but again that's looking forward.

Recently we've been hit with a huge amount of amazing Xbox 360 games such as Left 4 Dead 2; Dead Space, Saints Row IV, Assassin's Creed, Halo Wars and Alan Wake. These are all large AAA titles that have been released in a couple weeks with some of them being more recent games and it's impressive. There are even some rumblings of Red Dead Redemption coming soon with constant store pages updates recently. On top of that with less concrete news the Bioshock franchise, Skate 3 and Call of Duty: Black Ops are supposed to be releasing in the near future. It seems at this point that Microsoft might have perfectly cracked emulation for Xbox One as the games are running very smooth and they're releasing so many recently.

They might have actually gotten to the point where they just flick a switch to get these games up there. Even better is that the games can also now be purchased on Xbox One for those that don't own the titles and to get a better look at the constantly updating library. Backwards compatibility has been great and recently it seems to only be getting much better. I'm also puzzled by those that still complain about not getting the games they want, I'm sure they'll be available soon enough if they keep this rate up. Personally I'm just eagerly awaiting the ability to play Shadowrun on the console or any old Call of Duty title.

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Xbox Backwards Compatibility is on a Roll

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner