RBI Baseball 2016: Cover Athlete and New Features

RBI Baseball 2016 has been officially announced with a cover athelete and additional new features for the upcoming baseball arcade simulator. First off the cover athelete is outfielder Mookie Betts which is the youngest Baseball player to be on a MLB game cover. The list of new features for RBI Baseball 2016 can be found below and I do look forward to this years version of the game as the others provided decent arcade baseball.

RBI Baseball 2016

DEFENSE: A redeveloped defensive AI will introduce new fielding capabilities including dives, wall catches, fake throws and more. This system will give users more control than ever before in making defensive plays.

BASERUNNING: Built in part from MLBAM’s award-winning tracking technology, Statcast, baserunners’ abilities will be driven by on-field metrics from the 2015 MLB season.

BATTING: An improved batting engine will feature variable perfect timing. For the best outcome, swing earlier on inside pitches and later on outside pitches.

PITCHING: With a reworked pitching strategy AI, pitchers will play to their individual strengths. For example, a pitcher who features a wide range of velocity will mix speeds more often.

SEASON SIM: During season mode play, sim a game or multiple games to quickly advance through the season and into the Postseason – should the team win its division or earn a Wild Card spot.

LINEUP: Modify a team’s lineup pre-game or in-game, including substitution strategies such as double switches. Lineups can be set from a franchise’s 40-man roster or the game’s classic 16-player rosters.

GRAPHICS: All 30 MLB ballparks will feature a new lighting system based on actual geographic locations, field views and additional hi-resolution realistic design elements.

For the third year in a row the game will come to current generation consoles (Playstation 4 & Xbox One), PC, Smartphones and tablets with a release date coming later. Pricing will be $19.99 for consoles and $4.99 for other devices.

RBI Baseball 2016

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner