PinballFX2 Cross-Buy Xbox One and Windows 10

Pinballfx2 Windows 10 edition was recently released for the Windows 10 store which is great since I enjoy the game and the various tables though I was disappointed to see that there was no cross-buy from Xbox One or even table upgrades from Windows 8 edition. I then reached out to my PR contact for Zen Studios and got the following information about the situation.

"we're currently working with Microsoft to implement entitlements between Windows 10 and Xbox One tables, meaning that any tables bought on one will be able to import to the other and vice versa. However, we're following Microsoft's lead on this and the system hasn't quite been put into place."

By this bit of text from the email it seems that a cross-buy system is coming for tables which is awesome. Furthermore it's interesting that the cross-buy system that was supposed to already be in place with the Windows Store and Xbox One isn't in place yet. They also mentioned that they're hoping to implement this system soon for cross-buy and they have no further information at this time. The second part of the email goes over PinballFX2 Windows 8 to Pinballfx2 Windows 10 table transfers with the information below.

"The Windows 8 to Windows 10 question is a bit more complicated, unfortunately, and might not be something we can do (again, this has to do with Microsoft's backend system more than it has to do with us). We'd love to do transfers between Win8/10, but unfortunately we have nothing to announce about it at this time."

That will most likely be disappointing for those table owners, but for me personally I'm glad the Xbox One/Windows 10 cross-buy is happening. This was all the information I could collect at the moment in regards to the tables and hope it helps those that desire the cross-buy.

PinballFX2 Cross-Buy Xbox One and Windows 10

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner