Nintendo Should Release a Regular Console

The Wii U has mostly performed abysmally since its release and the Wii in general was an explosive fad with low attach rates. You can debate it all you want, but the last two Nintendo consoles have really not done well in recent times and have cared little for the core gamer audience. That's about as far back history wise that I'll go with this since the console space has rapidly changed with the rise of Playstation and Xbox these last two generations and Nintendo has slipped to the back. This is all supposed to change with many rumors and speculation on what exactly Nintendo will do with their "NX" console. I'm going to assume from the many sources that it'll most likely release this year and is apparently supposed to have competitive specs with the rest of the gaming market. This instantly intrigued me as I do enjoy the first party Nintendo games, but they don't release enough titles and there isn't any third party support due to how underpowered the Wii U is. This was even more evident as of recent with Minecraft Wii U being more on par with the Xbox 360/Playstation 3 and that I'm in the process of removing my Wii U library since I just never had enough titles of interest. I took a gamble on the console a few years back, yet it never really hit my expectations. Despite saying I wouldn't be interested in owning another Nintendo console, I've still been optimistic about what they're going to do with the next one.

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What would really hold me back on being interested in another Nintendo console is their belief and application of gimmicks onto the console. It was great hearing about improved specs on the console, but not so great when the President of Nintendo (Kimishima Tatsumi) recently said NX will be “something unique and different.” This worries me as I really just want a regular Nintendo console with a standard controller. I know others feel the same way to some degree as the WiiMote is silly and the Gamepad is just a pain. It's a neat thing to play games while others use the TV, but other than that it's terrible and awkward for gaming. The Wii U pro controller is a solid device and I'm not quite sure why they always try something silly. I feel at times that Nintendo is quite delusional with themselves thinking that they're still in the console race at this point and the longer this lasts over time the less relevant the company will become. After two generations of the company releasing odd consoles with gimmicks that are always under powered I think it's time that Nintendo put out a regular console. It would be nice to see them actually try to compete in the space for once though that will definitely require them to take the proper steps in order to get to that level. That of course would include putting out a console with modern specs, instituting a proper online service and re-gain 3rd party support which has dissipated over the years. I hope that they attempt to make a console that will appeal to the general audience once more, but at this point it's a waiting game to see what happens this year when the console gets announced.

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Sad Wii U

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