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Xbox Rewards Changes Requirements

In a stunning and rather swift move the Xbox Rewards program has shifted all of the requirements for the various star levels. These levels within the rewards program grant you money back on the various purchases made on Xbox Live. This covers all aspects of the console from the games you play to the extra digital content you download from the service such as movies. This has angered many gamers that use this service as you can view at the forums below as many are now at level 0 with 0% progress. Personally I was dropped from the 2nd tier star that was almost at third to a 1 star with 0% progress on level 2. This is actually quite garbage on a personal level and basically turns me away from using it at all since it's sort of useless.

The new list of pricing for stars is as follows (Using USD, differs per region)
1 star - "old: $150" "new: $300"
2 star - "old: $400" "new: $600"
3 star - "old: $650" "new: $900"
4 star - "old: $900" "new: $1200"
5 star - "old: $1200" "new: $1800"

As you can tell, the rates have been given a massive change and even progress has been completely reset on levels for some folks. Many assumed there would have been warning with this change that appeared over night. You can see many posting in their thoughts on the Xbox forums and Xbox One subreddit below.

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Xbox Rewards Changes

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