Assassin's Creed: Syndicate E3 2015

This is my last article written about experiences at the show featuring Assassin's Creed: Syndicate which is the latest entry in that really long running yearly entry series. I personally know a ton of people which just love these games to death whereas I don't really care for it. Black Flag was alright with the multiplayer for me and Unity was the first one where I actually played it all through and that was terrible. When it came to the show I was given a very late booking for Ubisoft which I decided I might as well jump on since it's a big opportunity to meet contacts with them and the games they're bringing out this year are huge. The lines though were not particularly great so I was given the chance to check out Assassin's Creed since the VIP line was only a few minutes wait compared to all the others and I said sure. I felt somewhat bad for those that had been waiting a couple hours to play since I just hopped right in though they should have made a booking I guess. I was brought alongside this crowded area around to an open booth for a developer to give me a private demo talk through.

Assassin's Creed: Syndicate shown at E3 2015

The demo began in the middle of some random place in the campaign where I took control of the main lead Jacob Frye which is a more brawler time jump in there character. We got a quick cutscene and then went straight into gameplay where we're trying to take over this area in order to help build support for our cause. The world and graphics are exactly the same as Unity though I hope they're working this time. Looking at you over there Unity with your sound cut outs, missing areas and generally frame rate lacking gameplay. It ran fine in the demo I played though honestly this is a well designed demo to show areas so I wouldn't expect any issues with it. The core game is largely the same in terms of the movement system and items, only difference is grappling hook. This tool allows a quick connect and zip to ceiling replacing those placed blocks you would cut to fly up and it doubles as a zip line. While this helps a bunch with movement it really isn't ground breaking or anything specially, seriously. From there and getting to me spot I killed some guys in my own style which lacks stealth and continued on. I did in another spot until a random carriage race broke out and then I jacked one GTA style in order to pursue. The controls were simple and it was relatively fun to do until a stack of enemies attacked me. The developer commented that he hadn't seen that many enemies grouped up before and I got massacred.

Basically that ended my demo of the game which I was left with this feels like the same as past entries feeling. I'm not trying to hate on it too much as those that enjoy the previous games will feel right at home here as well. They actually ran out of backpacks there so they gave me a developer shirt instead which was apparently really exclusive so I did really like that. Been showing it off to my Assassin's Creed friends and they're fairly jealous of it. In regards to E3 2015, this is a wrap!

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