Bedlam E3 2015

Skyshine's Bedlam was my favorite PC game at the show with a simplistic style of play that mixed with user choices and presented itself well. The game is based around this apocalyptic world where everyone is desert like, somewhat of a comparison to Mad Max which is popular again recently and the developers say it was a happy coincidence. The game takes place across this wasteland as you pick a race of sorts and then a couple company members. These all vary in their skills and what they bring to the team, so choose wisely. Though for me being at E3 and time limited to an extent I just grabbed whom I could and took to the desert with the bug alien creature race. I actually did really well and even finished the game causing it to crash at the end since it wasn't programmed further. Believe I was the first one to do so, then someone else did it beside me though I did it faster. The path however was rough and filled with possible death. In this massive caravan of people your goal is to escape this terrible country side. At every stop, which of course you can select multiple routes to take is filled with a choice. There may be possible fuel, food or maybe even people everywhere that you can decide to check.

Bedlam shown at E3 2015

When I was playing though I attempted to move through as straight a line as possible without taking fancy side trips to check out events. This kept things generally safe and kept my supplies going well. Everything is randomly generated so no playthrough is the same and anything could on. Will you help the screams of survivors or perhaps battle out mercenaries for fuel. There's so many event that occur and even with my quick route I still had many places to travel. I mean, the one time I stopped somewhere I lost a huge portion of people which was disappointing to me. Occasionally you'll also run into a combat event which is done turn based style. Bedlam is very similar to The Banner Saga 2 if you've ever played that since they run off the same engine. So combat is generally along those lines with neat turned based play with your selected squad. It's fairly quick though strategic. Whether you move quickly or take a scenic route in this game it's important to remember that every decision could deeply ruin your run. Bedlam was really enjoyable and honestly can't wait until the full game is available.

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Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner