Harvest Moon: Seeds of Memories E3 2015

Just before E3 came around I was already signed up to check out Natsume titles though I felt it was strange that there wasn't a Harvest Moon title. Like I was saying, right before the event they announced the latest title in the series called Seeds of Memories. Now the game is going to be a tad different this time around since it'll be headed to multiple platforms like PC, Wii U, Android and IOS which is a big change up. Harvest Moon has never been on PC so this could be a completely different thing then people are used to since mods could very well become something that really enhances the experience. Another discussion I had with the community manager which was guiding me through this game was about always wanting Harvest Moon on other console like Xbox or Playstation and with PC I believe that this could lead into that in the future. Though at the time they're definitely just focused on delivering on all platforms with Seeds of Memories during Winter 2015.

Harvest Moon: Seeds of Memories Chick at E3 2015

I was actually signed up to see multiple games while there, but ended up purely talking about Harvest Moon which was nice since it's a great casual game. During the meeting I was also given a full run down of their current demo for the game and told it's an alternate universe of the last entry in the series. It features the same characters along with DLC characters though a different feeling to it. In the world I was shown it had that classic Harvest Moon feeling though I was actually quite underwhelmed with the graphics. I'm really worried that this is a straight port across since it's available on the mobile groupings and seemed to scaled up from those platforms. This doesn't mean it won't be a fantastic game or anything, I was just expected a bit more considering it will be on PC and Wii U. Graphics aside there really wasn't much to the demo aside from talking to characters and walking around. When the game does release there will be tons of animals to groom, some to domesticate and ten individuals for you to mate with. That scales up to five males and five females for prospect of marriage and many other characters to meet in the town. Content wise it seems like there will be a grand amount of activities to do and will definitely perform well on mobile. I say this as the demo was displayed on ipad and movement were very fluid with simple gestures in order to perform things. Overall I can say that to me this game is promising at the moment though at the same time not the wow experience I was initially hoping for. Really do wish this would come to the core consoles of the generation at some point though we'll see. If you have more questions let me know and I'll try to answer them though I didn't get alot. More so I wasn't given any assets so I added a picture of my Mooshroom with my new Seeds of Memories chick from the show!

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