Super Dungeon Bros E3 2015

This was one of my more casual appointments at E3 this year where we basically sat around on some bean bags and battled it out cooperatively in a dungeon or two. Super Dungeon Bros is a more fun or silly type of cooperative dungeon experience and honestly it's strange we haven't gotten more like this on the latest set of consoles. Playing in a team of four you're moving through the procedurally generating environments attempting to collect loot and survive. Loot is automatically pooled between the team so that takes away some of the competition as well. The team is composed of four differing knights that really remind me of Castle Crashes for some reason and they have distinct personalities. This translates well onto the field when they each are bringing special taunts or comments to play. Other neat aspects about the cooperative play is that players can throw one another often causing hilarious deaths or even mount up as one long tall weapon. These creates special combo moves or generally comes into affect during certain areas that call for getting to places you normally would have troubles with. Players can also select from a wide variety of weapons as well that match their play styles from close to further range.

Super Dungeon Bros shown at E3 2015

From what I was able to play during my booking I found that there was decent variety within the landscapes and the enemies that you come across. There's also a number of bosses that will be featured within the game and I believe we only too on one which was fairly challenging. Apparently the game was also scaled down for demo purposes so there's probably going to be a fair challenge for coop teams in this game. At the start of levels the team can also choose to turn on certain difficulty multipliers which of course can steepen up the game further. To keep things even more fresh for players there will be daily and weekly challenges for all players to compete in as well. I actually had a great time working through the area with whom I was playing with during the session and we had some good laughs about what was going on. The most memorable parts were being thrown off cliffs when trying to do certain things or taking on vast amounts of enemies together. For the session we also didn't have any issue with anything so that's always a good sign with the game. Will place some final notes or information for you like cooperative action will be available to players for online play or even local cooperative. Xbox One players will also be able to do cross-play with Windows 10 players which will certainly be something interesting to try out. Super Dungeon Bros is expected for Winter 2015 and you can follow the site to keep up with news along with the probable review. If you have further questions let me know and I'll try to answer them the best I can, all this information was gathered during E3 2015 and viewed on an alpha version of the game.

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Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner