Little Orbit E3 2015

At E3 another company I was able to check out for the first time was Little Orbit which had a meeting room available so it was nice and quiet. At that place it was relaxed, I was a given a water and some time to try out four differing games. I will mention ahead that some of the games below are aimed at younger audiences, just so you know and everything was alpha gameplay and they're all set to launch this Fall 2015. First up I'll talk about Adventure Time: Finn and Jake Investigations which is taking place within that universe and has the go ahead from the show for the script. Many of the developers are fans of the show and that was clearly displayed with 3D world graphics that look about the same as the show, sorry for the low quality image below but that was the best of what the PR had for me. The game seems fairly well together and played alright, though it's definitely for a younger grouping. I say that in terms of content as you really don't die and combat itself scores on performance for rewards. It's also a bit of an adventure game with a point and click style of play where things need to be performed for progress. It also didn't seem very challenging from what I watched of it, I'm sure fans will enjoy the game and younger players. Another neat aspect and one that Little Orbit really loves doing is taking fan submissions for characters in order to pick one to be added to the universe. This is also present in their other games and a really nice way to treat the fans.

Adventure Time shown at E3 2015

The next title to talk about and the first I played was Kung Fu Panda: Showdown of Legendary Legends which is a brawler type game. It's fairly much Smash Bros with Kung Fu Panda flair added into it. Releasing on a wide number of consoles this game has you selecting characters to battle it out across various courses. At the booth we played as two players and the AI took over other spots. There was some crazy smashing on the screen as the various characters battled it out. It was frantic play and actually entertaining as I took my hits when I could while desperately trying not get knocked out. By the end of our combat in this small cliff-side area it was me the Tigress and Po (the Panda) left. Po then broke and got stuck taking a huge amount of hits yet not dying so we restarted for another round. This should be fixed by launch and was more a comical thing for me than anything else. The next match went decent as well, mind you these are quick based battles to death or maybe not something so intense. There seemed to be a fair amount of levels and even roster. Though that will also be expanded on with characters from the third movie which we weren't able to see yet. This game will be available on Xbox One, Xbox 360, PC, PlayStation 4, Playstation 4 Wii U and Nintendo 3DS.

Kung Fu Panda: Showdown of Legendary Legends shown at E3 2015

After these games I was asked if I was interested in taking a look at the other games, I had plenty of time since it was the morning and the meeting wasn't going very quickly so I said sure. I want to say it was awkward for me to look at these other games, though someone has to do it. First up of these was Barbie and Her Sisters Puppy Rescue. This was strange for me to watch though I thought someone out there might want some information on the game. Aimed obviously at young girls you take control of Barbie and her quest to save stray dogs. There's ton of these dogs out there and you need to complete mini games in order to collect them. After that you take them to the center (the pound) in order to either find their owner or just take care of them. I felt the graphics and world could have been better done yet I don't think the younger ones really care about that and it was alpha so I'll over look that. It's a nice game for kids and the puppy collection apparently goes on forever with a bit of a narrative. It's something that if kids love it, they can play forever and ever. This game will be available on all those platforms in the picture since I didn't get any press assets for the game.

Barbie and Her Sisters Puppy Rescue shown at E3 2015

The final game I got to check out from Little Orbit was Monster High New Ghoul In School where you're the new monster in school. I know of this latest all the craze young girls thing because of my little cousins. They like these things so I still had no understanding of it, but I assume they're huge now. Those that watch the show or have the various dolls will love this game since it takes place within the same universe and has a structured narrative campaign as well. You get to be the new creature and go about chatting with those that would be recognizable from the show and such like I said. There's tons of options for customizing your character in the game and many quest for you to complete. The world was neat with a cell shaded design which was still being worked on. There were some platforms mechanics I saw and some gameplay with the Fearleaders, not much for me to run off though I'm guessing it'll be dead on with what the kids love. This will be available on Xbox 360; Wii U, Wii, 3DS and Playstation 3.

Monster High New Ghoul In School shown at E3 2015

That was my viewing of the Little Orbit meeting and a look at their upcoming titles which all have very long game titles. If you have any questiosn about the games let me know and I'll try to answer them. Additionally check out Little Orbit's site for contests and more information. We may also review these titles, so stay tuned!

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