Rainbow Six Siege E3 2015

When it comes to tactical shooter games there's nothing that compares to the legendary history of the Rainbow Six series. Now there hasn't been a Rainbow Six game in such a long time and after the failed Patriots attempt I was worried we wouldn't see another. The original games are classics and the Vegas series of recent was amazing, really wanted a third one of that series. Fast forward to now and we're being treated with a completely new take on the series which was an unexpected yet welcomed move by Ubisoft. This is Siege, taking the tactical approach that we love and applying destruction to the environments. Destroy walls and floors, block doors off and generally take control of modern advantages.

Rainbow Six Siege shown at E3 2015

I originally had thought that there was no chance for me to play this game at E3 considering how busy everything at Ubisoft was, though luckily I got to play it at the Xbox Media Showcase which was a great time for me. Simply put, there was a station set up for two teams to compete in various multiplayer levels. I watched some of a match before finally joining in, I was first put on the defending team as we got ready to protect this in construction type housing structure. Our objective was placed on the second level and we had to run about shooting these mini detector robots that assaulters were driving in. Once more going on about how journalists don't actually play games the other members were just standing around boarding up random walls or doors instead of preventing detection. They did find it rather quickly and the assault had begun, I with some smart thoughts picked a class which featured shotty plus heartbeat sensor. Now it's not the stupid and unrealistic Modern Warfare 2 detector, but one that requires full attention in order to scan and takes away the weapon. No one was chatting in the thread except for the developer so I was quiet despite having vital information. I could see through walls and anticipate movement of enemies, they were approaching mostly on a wall and blasting away the team from outside. Standing to the right I just scanned, put my sensor down and blasted two that were outside right away. Next I scanned below and then took those players out as well with swift movement. There was more to it than that, but I just want to cover the just of it.

Rainbow Six Siege shown at E3 2015

It was nice that the developer also came over to ask if that was me with the shot gun and I got a pat on the back for excellent work apparently. The next rounds I didn't do as well since the team fell apart very quickly. It switches back and forth between defending or attacking. When on the assault you use the little drones to scan about in order to find the objective like I said before. They move quickly around the environment and there's many little holes for them to roll into. After that for some reason teams always would rappel up the side which is neat, but stupid for the entire team to do and always resulted in losses. When completing a few matches I left on my way though there were some weird things. I was honestly expecting the environment to feature better destruction as it was rather stiff and I couldn't just shoot through walls always. Also had an issue with the national connections that teams have now, that's not Rainbow Six. Of course like many other stations this is a work in progress so maybe it isn't finished yet. I still had a great time with the game as I love the series and this feels right by those. We'll of course have to see when it finally does release, if you have questions let me know!

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Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner