Goliath E3 2015

This one was interesting for me going to the show since I wrote a tad bit about the announcement before and I was also interested in this concept of using a goliath type mech creature. The whole premise of this game is that you've teleported to this alien planet as a human character and you build these goliath suits. I don't quite know why a future type individual would build such things though I'm going to go along with it as it's rather interesting. Building these suits you're able to combat various enemies and take on tasks in the world around you. There's a number of suits that are possible to create out of various materials like wood or stone. Going further on that these suits can be customized to your liking with additional items like weapons or colors. These suits act as a sort of guardian for you whether that be when you're riding it or when it's in passive mode following you around. Another neat aspect of the goliath is that it's affected by various environments which can either weaken it or provide a bonus depending on the scenario.

Goliath shown at E3 2015

The world itself is procedural generated as you explore so every play of the game is different and exploration is always unique. The game features multiple biomes of course that each have a unique set of content. Resource collection is important since you can upgrade your goliath with a build on the fly system. Aside from perfecting the goliath the option to create a base or shelter is also an aspect. This allows you to take shelter there and build a bit of a community with other friendly AI that you happen to come across. These characters also can provide you with quests in the world, but these also can create tension between communities depending on whom you're helping out. Obviously this creates conflict with other regions though you can also flip the switch back by helping them out. It's just creating a certain system of factions in the world which is an interesting concept for it. The various factions and other AI will also have conflict with one another, though I'm unsure how that will change gameplay as we didn't see any of it in the demo. For me it seems like there's a dense amount of content for this title and I may not be going in-depth enough, but these are just the notes I have from what features the developers quickly went over. Another neat fact is that the time of day also greatly effects what you'll see out there while exploring since only certain AI come out at day or night.

It definitely seems ambitious at this point though I do wonder what sort of target you have overall. I ask this as what I watched was them moving around in the goliath along with getting out to collect some items, but what's your goal in this all. They stated it isn't technically a survival only game so I'm just curious of what direction this title is aiming for. Again, not trying to put this off as I was intrigued by what I saw at the show, just want to know if there's a point to the game as I wasn't quite given a distinct narrative or whether that will be present. I'll continue watching this title as the ambition is there for it and the mechanics are interesting. With Goliath they are looking for a second quarter 2016 release on PC and will be exploring consoles possibly in the future as well. That's a question I always inquire into since consoles are getting many PC titles this generation. Everything I took notes on and was given information about was in alpha so things will definitely change over time. If you need something elaborated on or have any questions let me know, I'll try my best to clarify on anything that I can.

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Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner