Disney Infinity 3.0 Edition E3 2015

A somewhat unexpected tour for me was to check out Disney Infinity 3.0 edition at E3 this year. They actually had a fairly big floor space and put on a great display. There also seemed to be lots of hype around the game as well since it is heavily integrating Star Wars into the game this year. Apparently with each iteration they introduce a certain theme while also adding additional other Disney characters to round out the experience through play sets. For Infinity 2.0 they chose Marvel which sounds awesome and this time around they're going with the smart choice of Star Wars. The base game will include two figurines (Anakin and Ahsoka) which are great choices for the package, the base package to put characters into the game, 1 web code and a Republic play set piece. This package will be coming to basically all platforms in Fall 2015 which includes Playstation 4; Playstation 4, Wii U, Xbox One and Xbox 360. Retailing for $64.99 this starter pack should either extend the experience from the previous games or offer a fresh start to those that have not had the chance to try the game yet. Back on pace, the core game will of course be the center of this experience and feature a number of levels of campaign for players to rush through. Of course with additional play sets you can experience further levels of story and campaign. Aside from the story aspect there's also the Toy Box side of gameplay where players are free to build whatever they want. This space allows for a number of custom environments and game types for extended creativity. The levels can also be shared online afterwards with other players so they can enjoy the experience as well.

Disney Infinity 3.0 Edition shown at E3 2015

The earlier information of course was presented to me during a tour which was told beside a wall of figurines, it was actually neat seeing all these characters strewn out into the open as people were walking about. They also had some displays on both sides for people to check out the game with Star Wars: Rise Against the Empire play set to the right which takes place during the original trilogy with levels during that time period. Whereas the left side was host to Twilight of the Republic with Anakin and Ahsoka which takes place between the prequel episodes 1-3. This was some of the gameplay I was actually able to try out which had me picking a jedi in order to move through a Geonosian factory in order to face off against General Grievous. It was a bit strange of a story though interesting enough of a scenario for me to test out the game. I played as both Ahsoka and then Yoda. Movement was slick with just the right amount of force powers mixed in there and I was having a great time throwing the various federation droids about. This continued throughout the facility as I created some combo moves and was satisfied with the destruction, will mention it's very simple so younger ones will have no issue with the combat, maybe only jumping at times like I did with Yoda. After moving through the factory the level finished with a sort of boss fight against Grievous himself though that really wasn't too difficult. I had a better time than I had initially predicted when rolling through the demo and the area itself was actually a stand out at the show. It'll be interesting to see this game when it releases and be able to view all these separate universes colliding. Should also mention that Disney characters will not be able to hop into Star Wars themed locales for authenticity or other, strange fact though an important one. Other than that with 3.0 you can mix and match all the Disney franchises to your hearts' content. Another neat bit of information is for the future plans of releases that include a "The Force Awakens Set" coming during Winter 2015; a set based on "Inside Out" which is a recent move release from Pixar and another Marvel set featuring Hulkbuster, Ultron along with other characters. I hope I covered the basis of information from which I received at E3 and also that you might have learned some new information on the upcoming titles. If you have any questions of this I'll try to help, I'd also like to thank Disney Interactive for setting this booking up as it was a pleasant surprise.

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Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner