World of Tanks Xbox One E3 2015

Just like six million other players I've ventured onto the battlefield in these metal beasts to wage war. World of Tanks is a hardcore strategy game that only recently took to consoles with Xbox 360 a couple years back. Step forward and we're almost able to get our hands on World of Tanks: Xbox One Edition which launches on July 28 2015. With this latest version we're going to be given a bunch of new features for the title and we'll be going over these today. The first point to note is that the title will be cross-play so Xbox One and Xbox 360 can play against one another. Which is a first and I definitely can't think of really any other game that supports this aspect. This will create a huge pool of players for everyone to compete against one another. Progress earned on both versions will carry over to one another, which actually works both ways. You can play on Xbox One for a bit and then move over to Xbox 360 for all the exact same unlocks and progress from the Xbox One. That also means that the architecture will also be alike so that gameplay will be smooth for both sides. Of course the Xbox One edition will be fitted with some fancier additions. These of course include a new set of achievements, more missions and special unique tanks. On the technical side of things the gameplay is greatly improved with 1080p and 60fps. The world is also much more alive with moving clouds that create shadows and a much more luscious landscape. Floral is also greatly improved with both grass and other plants such as trees will sway gracefully within the wind. This is of course just minor things for players, but the key here is that while the world is greatly improved everything will feel just like it did on the old console. Maps will also be dynamic with various weather events so that each play on a map could provide a new experience each play. Players will also be able to chat with one another via a special system which is also a first and should great a competitive atmosphere.

World of Tanks Xbox One shown at E3 2015

Players will also be able to pre-load World of Tanks Xbox One starting on July 10, 2015 which will grant players access to a beta that weekend. Those dates run on July 11th and 12th only, though it's basically just a preview before the title launches a couple weeks later. During my private showcase of the game I was also presented with one of the special unlocks which I talked about called the Freedom Tank which is rather intense with American patriotism, be neat if there was a Canadian version as well. I was also shown a neat training area where players can test out tanks to get comfortable with them or just playing the game in general. Social aspects will also be supported for the game including Twitch Streaming and video/picture sharing which so many have gotten comfortable with on the console. This is sure to be a huge step forward for the biggest digital title of all consoles. The developer also wanted it to be re-iterated that support will continue for Xbox 360 despite the Xbox One version being released. So I definitely imagine that both will receive updates right beside each other over time. Finally, with those details you can take a look at gameplay below that I was allowed to take at the event and an interview about World of Tanks Xbox One below. Feel free to follow the site for updates and an eventual review of the game when it fully launches. I would finally like to thank the people over at for booking this appointment and being one of the more friendly booths at E3. They were very helpful in providing this information along with developer commentary on gameplay and a live interview whereas others did not take the time.

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