The Flame in the Flood E3 2015

While at E3 2015 I was able to check out a mass number of games, one of the more striking in terms of visual and concept was The Flame in the Flood. I was first able to check out the game during the Xbox Media Showcase with minor developer commentary to assist until I somewhat broke the game which was funny. My character was crippled to a degree from injuries and got stuck, please keep in mind that this was alpha gameplay so that will be patched. Like most games at E3, they're showing off a small portion of the game to show the title off and perhaps gather some feedback. The second time I played the game was during the show while killing some time before a meeting at the Xbox area and they had a booth there as well. Others were getting some developer assistance whereas this time I was just quietly working away at it with others watching. The amount of people photographing my gameplay while at various booths was astounding. The core of the game is survival, though it's in the sense of not attacking others. You're going around to scavenge what you can in this very beautifully artistic styled world that I can't quite get the name of. There's obviously a flood event going on and you play as this woman that's just trying to get by. This is done by swimming from coast to coast on this make shift raft in order to collect supplies. These are found either on the ground, in houses or lying about in crates. It's a very desolate and lonely looking world though it's peaceful almost. Your character also has a companion that's a dog so it's not too quiet, this animal provides support by keeping away bad creatures. While you can somewhat swat at enemies you're docile and there's things like wolves to watch out for. I was bitten badly my first playthrough while attempting to attack before I was told it was best to run away. My character started looking fairly roughed up as I stumbled away with what appeared to be a broken leg.

The Flame in the Flood shown at E3 2015

My journey continued for a bit though I attempted to heal myself and then sleep though that's where the glitch I talked about occurred which got me stuck. Moving onto the next time I was able to play things were going much smoother. I was swaying down the river without issue, well only occasionally smashing the boat against a random island formation. Going from place to place I was trying my best to collect some supplies. Looking through the menus there's a number of options available to create better clothing, tools and supplies. I didn't really get too far since it was just a small look though I am intrigued by the gameplay which is quite something considering survival games are getting a tad crowded. The levels featured are completely random each time you decided to leave an area so it will always be fresh. Everything aside I do question the motive of what you're trying to do in terms of an end game. Maybe a goal of where you're headed or something to construct. Still, I'm sure it's being worked on and the developers will provide more information in the future. At this point I was pleasantly pleased with what I saw and look forward to playing the full version in the future whenever it may release.

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Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner