Happy Dungeons E3 2015

I personally really enjoy Happy Wars as the game is just great madness and fun. Which is important when it comes to games and I personally went to find Happy Dungeons at the show since it was announced just before E3 started. There were some developers there and one individual running the booth asked if I wanted cooperative play or solo. I obviously went for coop as it's certainly more fun to play with someone then by yourself. So off we were into the dungeon themed version of Happy Wars. Now, it's exactly like Happy Wars though it's been taken into the dungeon crawling format. I actually thought this makes a ton of sense when you think about it so I was happy to experience this. The graphics and character designs also carry over though they said no comment on whether or not your already created characters will port over from Happy Wars. They also mentioned that while it's designed to be played with up to four friends locally or online that matchmaking should be present at launch since I asked about that as well. While going through the areas which are sadly not randomly generated we began grinding through enemies. This is just how dungeons are in most games so I had not issues with those gameplay aspects. I was also told that there will be over fifty unique dungeons at launch with more being added so definitely a ton for players to conquer. There's also loot and other points to collect while playing. It feels like a very natural side adventure to the multiplayer madness that's Happy Wars.

Happy Dungeons shown at E3 2015

We quickly sped through multiple rooms which were filled to the brim with enemies and even more spawning in at every moment. We destroyed many enemies and I gathered loot while being reminded once more that these are demos so it's not worth picking anything up. It's just a bit of gamer habit for me I suppose, and we continued on happily grinding through enemies. Eventually after a few rooms we came across a boss which took a bit more time to take out though luckily I was advised to save my power-ups. These are D-Pad skills like healing yourself or shooting a line of arrows for devastating effect. We mulched through him and the demo was sadly over. I thanked some individuals for letting me play, grabbed my assets and continued on. For those that like Happy Wars they'll definitely be at home here and I also look for its eventual release. Skills are also back which allow for special moves for each of the classes only slightly modified for against AI combat play. Now for some comments I suppose on what I saw while playing. It does seem grindy, though I'll write that off as every dungeon crawling game has that repetitive appeal to it. I'm slightly worried that without procedural generation that things may get boring for some players, though the mass amount of levels should create lasting variation. There was a glitch where our splitscreen play was doubled into four corners though it's an alpha build and was of course noted that this would be removed in the future. I believe there was mention of a release maybe by the end of 2015 though I didn't quite get that information written down as it was nearing the end of the show. It definitely was fun and playing cooperative was even better, would like the thank the booth lady which I believe was PR for assisting me in the demo. Really is nice when developers take the time to play and discuss the game while doing so. I'll have more information on Happy Dungeons as it's released so follow the site for further news!

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Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner