LEGO Dimensions Announced

Well, there was a leak awhile back pointing to this exact game and here we are with the exact release date and information for Lego Dimensions. In style of Skylanders the game will feature a portal like in the images below which will port various minifigures and vehicles into the game. The starter pack will come with Gandalf; Wyldstyle, Batman, Bat Mobile and the Portal to enter them into the virtual world. This is going to get real expensive, real quick when it comes September 27, 2015 for Xbox (One and 360), Playstation (3,4) and Wii U retailing at $99.99. There will also be Level and Team packs for $24.99 along with fun packs for $14.99. These are going to include in the near future and 2016 with Back to the Future Pack; Ninjago Team Pack and DC Comics Fun Pack. I imagine many more will be added to this quickly as the possbility to earn mad amounts of cash will be a definite factor. I'm a huge fan of LEGO and this game mix definitely excites me even more than the recent mini-figs online. Got some images and the trailer for Lego Dimensions Below as well.

Lego Dimensions Xbox

Lego Dimensions Portal

Lego Dimensions Starter Team

Lego Dimensions Wizard of Oz

Lego Dimensions Marty McFly

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner