Microsoft Hololens Release Window

From sources it looks as though the Microsoft Hololens is set to launch in 2015 towards the later months and is supposed to be under $500. I recently confirmed that sort of belief when going to the Microsoft Store today and talking about the very device.

The leader there expects to have demo units of the Hololens available towards the later part of the year so I can only imagine we'll see a product launch during the fall with some preview units available. Also worth mentioning is that they hope to have the Microsoft Band in Canada around the fall as well. The Microsoft Band which is currently $199 and only available in the United States seems like quite the device as it's constantly selling out.

I expect mine in a few weeks time which I had to import so I'll have impressions of that eventually as I'm quite excited for its arrival. So there's a quick update on these two devices in the Canadian region at least, will be interesting to see a fully announced date as I imagine it'll coincide with the release of Windows 10.

Of course I'll be covering Hololens when it releases as it's a technology I'm fascinated by and look forward to that in the future. Hopefully I'll also be able to check out the device when I head to E3 this year which should definitely be exciting.

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Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner