Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Havoc DLC

The latest entry in the Call of Duty series is set to have a new DLC pack called Havoc arrive January 27, 2015 first on Xbox featuring four new maps and a brand new zombies. Details for what this first DLC pack includes can be found below along with the trailer for the expansion.

Havoc DLC Contains
-This if the first map which takes place in an urban city with tight corridors and suggested SMG usage. There are also changing lanes which have doors open and close throughout the map to change up the dynamics of map flow.
-This is a desert map which seems to feature an open battle ground with the center and smaller thin lanes circling the map. There are also some drones which can be activated and unleashed on enemies.
-This snow map takes place in the Rockies and feels like home to me as it's a very snowy type place. There are some enchanting lights and festive themed deocrations on this map along with an avalanche which changes the whole level.
-The last map in the pack takes place in the motel area that brings out everyone's worst fears in the style of freakish clowns. There's also a center clown which spits out magic bombs for you to use in combat. This map seems outright weird, though it should mix-up the gameplay a bit for sure.
AE4 Energy Weapon
-As with some of the Ghosts DLC we get a new weapon in this pack which is an energy weapon of sorts where you can fire as much as you want until it overheats. Will have to wait and see how this balances with all the other weapons already present.
Exo Zombies
-Starring a studded cast which I'll put after this we take on the zombie apocalypse once more. Now some zombies can use exo suits which is somewhat stupid, but will change our strategies. Seems to take place in a sort of prison Atlas facility and we'll have more details on that in the near future.

Zombies Survivor Cast: Jon Bernthal; John Malkovich, Bill Paxton and Rose McGowan

Call of Duty: AW Havoc Trailer

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner