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The 20th Anniversary Edition of Gabriel Knight is set to release on October 15, 2014 for PC and Mac. You are able to Pre-Order now on Steam, and the Phoenix Online Store amongst other online outlets. By Pre-Ordering now you can receive 15% off the retail price of $19.99 for only $17.00 online and you will also get a remastered soundtrack done by Robert Holmes. There is also a special "10 Days of Gabriel Knight" starting up on October 6 with special assets and information being released so watch out for that. Quickly for information Gabriel Knight is a voodoo point and click game with a deep story that's being re-released for the first time since issues with ownage of the game has been resolved. If you want to know more checkout our interview with the creator of the series Jane Jensen below.

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Jane Jensen Interview on Gabriel Knight HD

Gabriel Knight HD
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